Greetings. I am Prof. Dr. İsmail Naci CANGÜL, a mathematician born on August 14, 1967, in Silvan-Diyarbakır, Turkey. My academic journey has been a rich tapestry, starting with my graduation with top honors from Uludağ University in 1987.

Throughout my career, I have delved into intricate mathematical theories, earning a Ph.D. in 1994 with a focus on "Normal Subgroups of Hecke Groups." Beyond research, I have actively contributed to the academic community, serving as a professor and taking on roles such as the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science at Uludağ University.

My dedication extends to international collaborations, where I have participated in European Union projects, published extensively, and received numerous awards for my contributions to academia. Join me on this platform to explore the fascinating world of mathematics and my ongoing academic pursuits.